Freshen Up Your Home’s Decor With Interior Plants

It’s wintertime, so we are a few months removed from fun summer months. If you’re feeling the winter blues, now is the perfect time to put your green thumb to work!

You might be thinking, how is this possible, it’s quite cold outside! We are talking about indoor plants; they are often overlooked as an interior design element. Plants can do a ton of things to your interior space; they’ll make your home feel warm and comfortable to your guests when they are displayed properly.

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How Our Insulating Cellular Shades Size Up Against Other Window Treatments

With winter weather approaching rapidly, our phones have been ringing off the hook! Most of our customers have the same question in mind:

“Can you tell me more about the insulating properties of your EcoSmart cellular window shades?”

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How to Incorporate Additional Energy Savings for Outside Mounted Shades

If you have an inside mounted cellular shade, finding extra insulation is very easy, especially if you incorporate a set of energy saving sidetracks with it. If you don’t have the luxury of having an inside mount and need to do an outside, there are still other things you can do to further increase the energy efficiency of your cellular window treatments. Today we are going to go over what options you have so you can keep your home nice and cozy for the upcoming winter!

Insulate the Widows

Single Pane Windows
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Thanksgiving Signals the Start of Cold and Cumbersome Winter Months


It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! It’s an exciting time that you get to spend with your loved ones. If you travel to one of your loved one’s homes, you’ll get to see their Thanksgiving decorations and their home’s décor which is always exciting and fun!

Thanksgiving also signals another important thing to homeowners who live in northern states; winter is literally right around the corner. While you might be too busy having fun with your loved ones reminiscing and eating turkey, stuffing, desserts and all the other goodies that come along with Thanksgiving, it’s important to think about preparing your home.
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Eco Friendly Items that Make for a More Efficient Home

At EcoSmart Shades, we put a large emphasis on the environment. Our shades are inherently energy efficient, which helps our customer’s lessen their environmental footprint! Not only does this help make for a more eco conscious home, but our shades actually help save on our customer’s utility bills!

Today we wanted to take a moment to recognize other energy efficient products that might be of benefit to you, your home, and your wallet.

1. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
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Add Extra Appeal to Your Home with Flower Based Décor

Flowers are an awesome way to spruce up your interior space. They’ve been a large part of interior design for numerous centuries. Because there are so many different shapes, colors and sizes of flowers, there are endless possibilities for your home!

They perform well with many different elements. On print, they look amazing! On accents, they look just as good! When you’re adding flowers inside of your home, be careful about going too retro.  You want to avoid looks that make your home look like “Grandma’s house”.

Floral Pillows
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An Introduction to Arch Shades

Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often times it is difficult to find the right treatment for your open window. Among these difficult shapes to treat are arch windows. Arch windows are inherently unique and present multiple challenges.

Typically, arch windows are flat on the bottom and have a nice round top. While their uniqueness presents a challenge, when they are treated correctly they add an extra dash of elegance to any room. There are a ton of different options you have when it comes to treating your arch windows, so today we wanted to explain their differences.

Quarter Arches

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