New Year, New Window Treatments!

New Year

With the New Year underway, many embark on new projects to spruce up their interior space. This is a good time to look at things inside your home that are in need of replacement. For those with outdated window treatments, this is the perfect time to make the switch.

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How Our Insulating Cellular Shades Size Up Against Other Window Treatments

With winter weather approaching rapidly, our phones have been ringing off the hook! Most of our customers have the same question in mind:

“Can you tell me more about the insulating properties of your EcoSmart cellular window shades?”

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How to Incorporate Additional Energy Savings for Outside Mounted Shades

If you have an inside mounted cellular shade, finding extra insulation is very easy, especially if you incorporate a set of energy saving sidetracks with it. If you don’t have the luxury of having an inside mount and need to do an outside, there are still other things you can do to further increase the energy efficiency of your cellular window treatments. Today we are going to go over what options you have so you can keep your home nice and cozy for the upcoming winter!

Insulate the Widows

Single Pane Windows
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Thanksgiving Signals the Start of Cold and Cumbersome Winter Months


It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! It’s an exciting time that you get to spend with your loved ones. If you travel to one of your loved one’s homes, you’ll get to see their Thanksgiving decorations and their home’s décor which is always exciting and fun!

Thanksgiving also signals another important thing to homeowners who live in northern states; winter is literally right around the corner. While you might be too busy having fun with your loved ones reminiscing and eating turkey, stuffing, desserts and all the other goodies that come along with Thanksgiving, it’s important to think about preparing your home.
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Eco Friendly Items that Make for a More Efficient Home

At EcoSmart Shades, we put a large emphasis on the environment. Our shades are inherently energy efficient, which helps our customer’s lessen their environmental footprint! Not only does this help make for a more eco conscious home, but our shades actually help save on our customer’s utility bills!

Today we wanted to take a moment to recognize other energy efficient products that might be of benefit to you, your home, and your wallet.

1. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
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Equip Your Southern Home With Cellular Skylight Shades!

We get a lot of calls from customers in Southern states that experience difficulty in dealing with open skylight windows. Untreated skylight windows can pose a lot of issues, especially in areas like Florida, Georgia, where temperatures can exceed 110 degrees in the summertime!

What’s a solution for those with this problem? 

Our energy saving cellular skylight shades.

Skylight Shades
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What Size Cells Should I Pick for My Window Treatments?

Honeycomb Image

If you’re in the process of picking new cellular window treatments, you have a lot of options to pick from. There are many different customizations you can make for your shades. Pick between numerous lift options, fabric types, colors, cell sizes among other options. Today, we want to help provide you with some clarity to one of these choices, cell sizes.

Small Honeycombs

Cellular shades with honeycombs that are less than 3/8” are classified as “small cell shades.” Shades with small cells are typically very flexible, and give the end user excellent insulating properties. The small cells allow the treatments to have multiple cells, our double cell shades feature honeycombs are 3/8” and the multiple cells help enhance the R-Value of your windows.
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What’s In Store Cell Shades? Only the Future Can Tell…

It’s always fun to look back through the years and note how things have changed. We chuckle at now outrageous hair and clothing styles; we wonder how we possibly survived without modern amenities like a GPS in your phone, or without a phone at all! This fast and vast rate of change carries over to home improvement as well. Read on to see what we think the future holds for insulating cell shades.

1. Online Shopping – Top Seller for Cellular

Studies show that online sales increase by 11% each year. Now, more than ever, online shopping is easier, quicker, and more hassle-free, making it in many ways preferable to buying in-store. This is promising for the cellular window shade industry, and especially for us, since we are entirely web-based. When you shop online, you can order samples, find all the information you need for measuring and installation, and best of all, your order is shipped right to you.
Online orders usually mean you can install the shades yourself, which translates to savings since you don’t have to work with a designer or installer. Ease of access, ease of assembly and usage, and reduced fees are what will make the internet the primary platform for cellular shade shopping.

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Bundle Up Your Skylights With Insulating Shades


We’re willing to bet you’ve been told at some point or another that you must wear a hat in cold weather because your body heat rises and escapes out of your head.  While this may or may not be a scientific fact – it actually is a fact that if you have uncovered skylights, heat is going to seep right through them all winter long.  Don’t let your home go without a hat – insulate your skylights and enjoy the energy savings!

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Top Five Overlooked Ways Energy Escapes

The energy you use to heat your home always seems to be trying to escape.  Even the slightest inefficiencies means escaping energy, which can cost tons of money as time goes on.  By addressing the five following energy-escape-routes, you’ll save money and increase your overall energy efficiency.

  1. Poorly-Sealed Windows and Doors

Poorly Sealed Doors

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