Looking to Add Some Extra Style to Your Décor? Layer Your Window Treatments

If you really want to spice up your interior’s décor, think about layering the window treatments inside of your home. On top of the added insulation, it’ll provide you with additional privacy and will look awesome if you choose the right colors.

Layered Window Treatments

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How to Choose the Perfect Window Treatments for Your Door!

Door Photo

There’s a variety of different window treatments for doors: sliding glass doors, French doors and doors with windows. First and foremost, it helps for you to define what your objectives are for your new treatments. When we talk to our customers about treatments for their doors, we typically look for three things:

  • Temperature Control
  • Design Functionality
  • Privacy

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How to Pick Out Window Treatments for a Man Cave!

Equipped with a full bar, poker table, comfortable leather couches and a big screen TV, what more could you need for your man cave? It’s small and often overlooked during the design process, the answer is window treatments!

Man Cave

                                                                           Image courtesy of www.whiskeydecanters.net
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Freshen Up Your Home’s Decor With Interior Plants

It’s wintertime, so we are a few months removed from fun summer months. If you’re feeling the winter blues, now is the perfect time to put your green thumb to work!

You might be thinking, how is this possible, it’s quite cold outside! We are talking about indoor plants; they are often overlooked as an interior design element. Plants can do a ton of things to your interior space; they’ll make your home feel warm and comfortable to your guests when they are displayed properly.

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