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Arch Shades

Here at EcoSmart Shades, we offer both moveable and stationary cellular arch shades for perfect half round arches. Arch window openings are beautiful and deserve the treatment that enhances their beauty. When customers order cellular arch shades from us, it is for perfect half-circle openings only. This means that the height must be exactly half of the opening’s width. If your arch isn’t perfect, consult with a local dealer to have a template created for you! If you’ve got a perfect half circle arch, we’ve got the right shade for your needs.

If you have any questions about treating your own arch window, contact a member of our EcoSmart Shades team today, by phone or through our “Contact Us” form!

Arch Shades Features

Choose between movable and stationary arch shades in both blackout and light filtering materials.

Arch Shades Options

  • Stationary Light Filtering
  • Stationary Blackout
  • Movable Light Filtering

Choose the fabric that perfectly suits your insulating needs! Refer to the R-Value Chart below to compare how our fabrics resist heat transfer.

The R-Value of Our Cellular Window Treatments

Cellular Shades R-Value Single Pane R-Value Double Pane Shading Coefficient UV Light Transmission
Light Filtering 3.7 4.6 .38 1%
Blackout 5.0 5.8 N/A <1%

*Data is based on statistical reported values of equivalent products with the same construction.
Want to learn more about R-Value? Visit our R-Value Information Page.

Follow our measuring instructions for a perfect fit! Our arch shades are available in perfect half circles only. If the width of the surface upon which you intend to mount your shade is not precisely twice the length of the opening, you will need a professional to create a template of your specific measurements.

Mounting Specifications
Minimum Shallow (Inside) Mounting Surface: ½”
Minimum Flush (Inside) Mounting Surface: 2¼”
Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 7/8″

Stationary Arch Shade Mins & Maxs
Min. Width:18″ Max. Width: 96″
Min. Height 9″ Max. Height: 48″

Moveable Arch Shade Mins & Maxs
Min. Width:18″ Max. Width: 72″
Min. Height 9″ Max. Height: 36″

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