Cellular light filtering shades let light into your home while cutting out unwanted glare! The double row of honeycomb cells will also insulate your home, helping you save on your utility bills throughout the year. This window treatment is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, essentially anywhere in your home where you want warm, natural light. These shades will also make your space appear larger and more inviting!

Light Filtering 1

Light Filtering Cellular Shades


Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Light Filtering Cellular Shades

EcoSmart Cellular Light Filtering Shade Features

  • Child Safety Features: Cordless, breakaway cord connectors, and tensioners are among the child-safety features offered.
  • R-Value: Our double cell light filtering shades have an estimated R-Value of 4.6
  • Gently Diffuses the Light: Our cellular shades will cut down glare but let natural light into your home at the same time.
  • Pleat Retention: These double cell shades won’t flatten! Unlike single cell shades, the internal cord isn’t visible.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: These shades come backed by our reputation and a limited lifetime warranty.


More About Our Light Filtering Shades

When you buy a light filtering EcoSmart shade, you get much more than privacy.  You invest in a solution that allows you to cut down on energy consumption while simultaneously adding beauty and distinction to your home.  You will be amazed when you experience the difference.

Without insulating shades, windows are prone to air leakage, which means energy is constantly escaping.  As soon as your EcoSmart shade is installed, it acts as a barrier to restrict air flow, lightening the load on your heating and cooling systems and shrinking your overall carbon footprint down a size or two.

Double cell light filtering fabric comes in a range of colors – you can find a perfect match here, be your walls bright, dull, or any shade of beige.  Light filtering shades distribute sunlight throughout the room softly and evenly.  Paired with any of our unique lift options, these cell shades are an agreeable treatment for any room and any style.  Light filtering fabric is durable, dust-repellent, washable, and built to last.  Enjoy many, many years of fashionable energy efficiency!

Should you have any questions regarding the benefits of light filtering fabric, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team right away!