Commercial Cellular Shades

About Our Commercial Cellular Window Shades

At EcoSmart Shades, we provide commercial cellular window treatments to customers all over the country. If you have a large office or commercial space in which you’d like to equip with honeycomb shades, our commercial team is here to help!

We manufacturer our cellular window treatments at our facility, this means you can purchase your treatments directly from the manufacturer and cut out the middle man, which gives you more savings!

Our team will work with you in all phases of the process, from measuring, to shipping to installation our team has you covered! We’ve worked on many large projects throughout the country and have the expertise needed to guide you to the right window treatments.

Why Cellular Shades Over Other Window Treatments?

Like we mentioned before, it’s all about the honeycombs. When it’s cold outside, the honeycombs act as a barrier between you and the outside world, reducing the energy consumption your commercial space. When it’s warm outside, they’ll reduce the workload on your air conditioning unit, which helps cut down on the your electricity bill when it’s warm outside.

We’ve produced many different types of window treatments over the years, and have come to a consensus that cellular window treatments are the best because of their insulating properties.


EcoSmart Production Facility

Why EcoSmart Shades Over Our Competitors?

We’ve been manufacturing shades for well over 20 years. Our shades come backed by our 7 year warranty which is a testament to our expert craftsmanship. Each one of our shades has been signed by the craftsman who built the product. If you even wanted to, you could pick up the phone and talk to the person who made it. How cool is that?

While there are other options out there, we focus and specialize on cellular window shades. You could go to our competitor down the road who offers a plethora of window treatments under the sun, we focus specifically on our honeycomb shades so you know our shades are the best.

Ready to Get Started on Your Commercial Project?

To get started on your commercial project, reach out to a member of the EcoSmart Shades team today by phone or through our contact page. Upon receiving your information, our commercial team will get all of the details of your project and provide you with an aggressive quote


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