Continuous Cord

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Continuous Cord

Got a big window?  We’ve got the solution.  The continuous cord (also known as a cord loop) is designed to handle the weight of larger shades. The secret is the thick cord loop that works in conjunction with the heavy duty clutch mechanism. To operate this cellular treatment, all you need to do is pull on the shade’s loop cord, which lowers and raises this window shade.

This operating hardware is available for both our light filtering  and blackout fabrics.  It still provides the end customer the privacy and light control they desire. It is also incredibly durable and comes backed by EcoSmart Shades limited lifetime warranty.

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Cordless Shade Features

  • 4mm continuous cord loop and heavy duty clutch.
  • Pulling straight down on one side of the loop or the other raises and lowers the shade.
  • Cord loops are available in 2-12 foot increments.
  • White headrail comes with an insert that matches the color of the fabric and the bottom bar.
  • Continous cord shades come with one tensioner per cord to keep the loop taught against the sill, allowing for ease of use and child-safety.
Double cell light filtering fabric lets in light and keeps out the cold. You are sure to feel the difference in the temperature by your window immediately upon installation.

The R-Value of Our Cellular Window Treatments

Cellular Shades R-Value Single Pane R-Value Double Pane Shading Coefficient UV Light Transmission
Light Filtering 3.7 4.6 .38 1%
Blackout 5.0 5.8 N/A <1%

Want to learn more about R-Value? Visit our R-Value Information Page!

Our easy-to-follow measuring guide guarantees a perfectly fitting shade each time!
Minimum Size
Width: 14” inches Height: 8” inches
Maximum Size
Width:108” inches Height: 120” inches
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