Continuous Cord Top Down Bottom Up

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Continuous Cord Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Top down bottom up cellular shades provide you with privacy and ultimate control. When you combine this shade with the continuous cord option, what do you get? One of the most customized shades you can purchase. Operate the top down and bottom up aspect of this cellular honeycomb treatment with ease. Simply pull on the shade’s cord loop mechanism and open it to your desired preferences. Want the light in or out? No problem, this window shade is custom, durable and is built to last and withstand the test of time.  This shade is well-suited for large windows that face the street or other homes, since you can lower the top to let in light in while maintaining your privacy.

This treatment is available in a both blackout and light filtering fabrics. In addition to giving you all the customization that you could ever want, it also insulates exceptionally well. This will help cut down on your utility costs during the summer and in the winter. The continuous cord aspect of shade allows it handle the weight of larger shades.

Continuous Cord Top Down Bottom Up Features 

  • 4mm cord loops are available in 2’ to 12’ lengths. You can choose to keep the cord out of reach of children, use a longer cord for out-of reach shades, or anything in between!
  • The cord loop is easy to replace from the comfort of your home.
  • All shades come complete with mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • The headrail comes with a color coordinated insert to match the fabric and the bottom bar.
  • Cord loop shades come with tensioners to keep cord taught against the window frame for ease of use and child-safety.

Double cell light filtering fabric lets in light and keeps out the cold. You are sure to feel the difference in the temperature by your window immediately upon installation.

The R-Value of Our Cellular Window Treatments

Cellular Shades R-Value Single Pane R-Value Double Pane Shading Coefficient UV Light Transmission
Light Filtering 3.7 4.6 .38 1%
Blackout 5.0 5.8 N/A <1%

Want to learn more about R-Value? Visit our R-Value Information Page!

Our easy-to-follow measuring guide guarantees a perfectly fitting shade each time!
Minimum Size
Width: 14” inches Height: 8” inches
Maximum Size
Width:108” inches Height: 120” inches
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