Energy Saving Sidetracks

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Energy Saving Sidetracks Features

Looking to save a little extra on your utility bills this year? Our state-of-the-art sidetrack system has been designed to maximize the energy savings on your cellular shades. They block out the small gap of space that is present between shade and the window’s frame, completely blocking out the light. This being said, they also increase the overall R-value of your window treatments by creating a four-sided seal.

Both our light filtering and blackout fabric shades can come with our energy saving sidetrack system. The installation process is simple to follow and your shades will be up in little to no time! Our side tracks are available in two different colors, white and brown, to help color coordinate with your interior decor. The tracks can also be removed, making cleaning simple and easy for our end customers.

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Energy Saving Sidetrack Features

  • Available in white or brown colors.
  • Sidetracks are magnetic. The track itself is magnetically-backed. It attaches to another magnetic strip, which is applied to the window frame by its adhesive backing.
  • Easy to install and remove from your window shade.
  • The shades are notched to fit over the track and the headrail, fabric, and endcaps are fitted to accommodate the track.
  • Four-sided seal boosts your overall R-value and keeps out even morelight!

Double cell light filtering fabric lets in light and keeps out the cold. You are sure to feel the difference in the temperature by your window immediately upon installation.

The R-Value of Our Cellular Window Treatments

Cellular Shades R-Value Single Pane R-Value Double Pane Shading Coefficient UV Light Transmission
Light Filtering 3.7 4.6 .38 1%
Blackout 5.0 5.8 N/A <1%


Follow our guidelines for measuring for sidetracks  the steps are a little different than measuring for shades without them. You want the tracks to fit the shortest length of your window opening.The widest width of the window cannot exceed the narrowest width of the window by more and 3/8,” otherwise the window must be shimmed.Minimum Mounting Surface:

  • Minimum Shallow (Inside) Mounting Surface:1 ½”
  • Minimum Flush (Inside) Mounting Surface: 1 7/8”
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