How to Choose the Perfect Window Treatments for Your Door!

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There’s a variety of different window treatments for doors: sliding glass doors, French doors and doors with windows. First and foremost, it helps for you to define what your objectives are for your new treatments. When we talk to our customers about treatments for their doors, we typically look for three things:

  • Temperature Control
  • Design Functionality
  • Privacy

Temperature Control

Window treatments for your doors are a great way to add efficiency to your home. Cellular shades in particular have a positive impact on reducing your homes cooling and heating costs. They keep cool air from escaping your home during the summer months, then trap warm air in your home during the winter months.

Design Functionality:

The door’s window treatments can’t interfere with its primary function. You may want to mount the shades to the door’s window panes. Mounting it elsewhere could mean the shade hinders the opening and closing of the door with its cords.


If your door is primarily made up of glass, privacy is important. You can prevent pedestrians from peering into your home with shades. Every additional shade you use will give you an extra level of privacy.

When you’re trying to decide what colors and fabric types to choose for your home, be sure to pick a treatment that meshes well with your existing décor. To get an expert’s opinion on treatment options for your home’s doors, contact the team at EcoSmart Shades today at (877) 338-9392.


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