Looking to Add Some Extra Style to Your Décor? Layer Your Window Treatments

If you really want to spice up your interior’s décor, think about layering the window treatments inside of your home. On top of the added insulation, it’ll provide you with additional privacy and will look awesome if you choose the right colors.

Layered Window Treatments

Step One: Pick Your Shades

If you already have shades, skip this step! If not, pick between light filtering and blackout shades. Light filtering window treatments work best for rooms where you want natural light to follow through. Blackout shades are generally desired in bedrooms and media rooms, places where light isn’t welcome!

Step Two: Choose Your Cornice

Cornices are awesome! They’ll open your home, making it appear much larger than it actually is. This is very much dependent on the space, however, a good looking cornice will do wonders for your space!

Step Three: Get Some Snazzy Drapes or Custom Curtains

At EcoSmart Shades, we understand the importance of the right drapes! They’ll make your honeycomb shades glow, and give you an extra layer that you need. Drapery and curtains also allow you to express your “inner” designer. Let your true personality show during this step! If you need any additional information about our honeycomb and cellular window treatments, reach out to one of our designers today. For more window treatments tips and updates, stay tuned to the EcoSmart Shades blog!


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