Motorized Shade Features

Our motorized cellular shades are fully operable and come with a radio frequency remote control, timer or wall switch. These motorized shades come in both double cell light filtering and blackout fabrics, helping increase the efficiency of your home. The motorized shades that we make use the same headrail as our continuous cord operating system, the motor that we use comes from Somfy™ (RTS) System which offers our customers an unmatched experience.

Motorized shades are perfect for those seeking in-home automation and add extra convenience. If you are in the process of automating your home, this product is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Our motorized shades are cordless, meaning they are a child-safe option for those with children or small pets.  These shades also offer you privacy and keep unwanted eyes from peering into your home.

In addition to all the aforementioned features, motorized cellular shades also give you complete control of the light. Move your shade up if you wan’t to fill your home or commercial space with natural light. Simply close the shade should you want to diffuse the light or completely black it out, this of course depends on the fabric that you’ve chosen.

With so many features and the convenience of motorized shades, how can you go wrong our motorized cellular shades? With the customization and ease of use, your home will be complete with these memorizing window treatments.  Pick up the phone and give a member of our team a call to get a quote for your motorized shade at 8777-338-9392 or use online quote form.

Easy Operation: Experience effortless control with Somfy motorization. Raise and lower your custom shades with a touch of a button.

Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) System: Your shades can be opened or closed on demand to provide privacy when you want it and light control when you need it. The Somfy RTS motor system features motors with built in radio receivers which eliminate the need to point or aim a remote at the shade.

Convenience: Whether at home or away, motorized window coverings operate automatically with 24-hour timers or sun-activated controls.

Safety: Motorization eliminates dangling cords  which can be dangerous to small children and pets.

Sizes: Minimum width for motorized shades is 30 inches.

Control Options: Set your system to operate one shade or a group of shades at a time. Choose from:

  • Hand held remotes
  • Wall switch options
  • Timer options
  • Timer with Sun Sensor options

1 Channel RTS RemoteThe single channel hand-held radio remote operates all RTS shadings simultaneously.

5 Channel RTS RemoteThe five channel hand-held radio remote is used to operate 5 specific groups or individual window treatments.

1 Channel Wireless Wall SwitchThe single channel wireless wall swith operates all RTS shades simultaneously.

5 Channel Wireless Wall SwitchThe five channel wireless wall switch operates five specific groups or individual window coverings.