New Year, New Window Treatments!

New Year

With the New Year underway, many embark on new projects to spruce up their interior space. This is a good time to look at things inside your home that are in need of replacement. For those with outdated window treatments, this is the perfect time to make the switch.

What to Look for in New Window Treatments

Spending your hard owned savings on new window treatments might not sound as appealing as something like a new car, but having a set window treatments that increases the energy efficiency of your home is vital.

For instance, if you purchase a set of our cellular window shades, our shades can pay for themselves in as little as two years. Our EcoSmart Shades are a long term investment that will not only provide you with the energy efficiency you need, but our shades look sleek and stylish!

If you own hard window treatments (mini blinds, shutters) and you reside in an area of the country where you face cool temperatures, your hard earned dollars go to waste!

What are We Talking About?

Hard window treatments offer little help when it comes to insulation. If your windows aren’t insulated, heat that you pay for just escapes out of your window causing you higher utility bills. Soft window treatments like our cellular shades act as a barrier between our home and the cold window.  Our cellular shades are so energy efficient; they can even outperform window quilts in some cases when it comes to insulation!

Ready to Learn More?

Get a quote on a new set of cellular window shades today by requesting a quote or reaching out to a member of our team today. The phone number at EcoSmart Shades is (877) 338-9392 and we look forward to helping you achieve more energy efficient home!


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