How to Pick Out Window Treatments for a Man Cave!

Equipped with a full bar, poker table, comfortable leather couches and a big screen TV, what more could you need for your man cave? It’s small and often overlooked during the design process, the answer is window treatments!

Man Cave

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The best part of the configuring your man cave was picking out all of the fun amenities like the sports posters, TVs and bar equipment. Window treatments were probably on the last thing you thought of purchasing, but again, having the right treatments is vital to the success and functionality of this room. Do you want glare on your TV when you’re trying to watch the big game? We don’t think so.

If you have a man cave that’s built into the basement or in an in-ground space in your home, we recommend that you choose cellular blackout shades for this space. Our blackout shades will help block out over 99% of all UV rays from entering your room, which will help make your viewing experiences more enjoyable.

If the man cave is built in another setting, like in a barn or garage, consider having your blackout shades with the top down bottom up lift option. This will allow you to have extra light control. So if need be, you can work out of this space. When it’s game time, the shades go up for a superior viewing experience.

If you incorporate window treatments into your man cave, this room will be a hit for both you and your friends! To learn more about our blackout shades and to get your custom quote, contact the EcoSmart Shades team today at 877-338-9392!


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