Say Goodbye to Early Mornings with New Skylight Shades!

For those with skylights, there an amazing interior feature inside your home that you’re very lucky to have. They open up your home; let the light shine on in, making it feel warm and spacious. There are a few caveats to having a home with skylight windows, especially in bedrooms.

Sunday mornings which in our option are designed to be lazy and relaxing, might be obstructed with unwanted light. During the week this light opening while can also interfere with your sleep schedule, waking up cranky isn’t how you want to start your day.

Luckily there’s a solution for your untreated skylight windows! EcoSmart Shades offers our customers skylight shades. These shades come in numerous options, both light filtering and blackout fabrics. The blackout fabrics will darken your bedroom, giving you the much needed rest that you deserve.

Another added to bonus to treating your windows with skylight shades is the fact that they insulate. If you think about it, heat rises. So when it’s cold outside, your home loses energy through the cold untreated skylight. Once you cover it with our cellular skylight shades, the honeycombs will act as insulation and prevent energy loss.

In addition to helping your home during the wintertime, it also blocks heat from entering your home during warm months. This will reduce the strain on your air conditioning unit, giving you further savings. The skylight shades will also protect your furniture and other interior décor for the sun damage.

Treat yourself to a better night’s sleep while increasing your home’s energy efficiency with our unique skylight shades! Should you have any ordering information or have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 877-338-9392.


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