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Standard Cellular Shades

Standard cellular shades are our most basic window treatment! They are low-profile and easy to operate, just the pull of a string to raise, lower, and lock the shade into the place to let optimal light into your home. These shades are available in double cell fabric, meaning there are rows of honeycombs insulating your home and reduce your energy consumption year round. Standard shades are economical, efficient, and stylish.

Pick between blackout and light filtering fabrics based on your preferences for each room. For those who enjoy complete darkness, our blackout fabrics are the perfect fit. If you enjoy warm, natural light, then our light filtering shades are spot on! If you haven’t yet, order samples so you can see our fabrics before you make your purchase!

For more information on our standard shades, give us a call or send us a message through our contact form.” A member of the EcoSmart Shades team will be happy to assist you!

Standard Shade Features

  • Easy installation and easy removal with spring-grip mounting brackets.
  • Low-profile design for minimal view obstruction and minimal light leakage between window frame and shade. The headrail matches your fabric!
  • Ceramic clutch lessens overall wear and tear on cord and ensures no-slip locking and a smooth operation every time!
  • Child safe equalizer box to keep the cords aligned.

Standard shades are available in double cell light filtering and double cell blackout. Choose the fabric that perfectly suits your insulating and style needs. No matter what you choose, the energy savings are instantly noticeable. Refer to the R-Value Chart below to compare how our fabrics resist heat transfer.

The R-Value of Our Cellular Window Treatments

Cellular Shades R-Value Single Pane R-Value Double Pane Shading Coefficient UV Light Transmission
Light Filtering 3.7 4.6 .38 1%
Blackout 5.0 5.8 N/A <1%

Want to learn more about R-Value? Visit our R-Value Information Page!

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Width: 8” inches    Height: 8” inches
Width: 84” inches  Height: 96” inches
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