Window Quilts, When to Use Versus Our EcoSmart Shades

There’s a lot of insulating window treatments that you can purchase online. Window quilts and honeycomb cellular shades insulate exceptionally well and will help improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. It’s important that you understand the difference between the two treatments, we believe that our EcoSmart cellular shades provide a better treatment solution than window quilts. However, you may feel differently so we wanted to provide you with a comprehensive analysis between the two treatments and their features.

Window Quilts

Window Quilts

Cellular Shades

EcoSmart Cellular Shades


Insulating Properties

Window Quilt’s have an excellent R-Factor of 5.8. The seal of the window on all sides is great, however, they don’t allow much air infiltration in your home. So when it’s really cold outside, it’s hard to beat the insulating properties that window quilts provide. In comparison, our most insulating cellular shade has an R-Factor of 5.8, so the two are quite comparable in this category.


The process of installing window quilts can be difficult and disheartening. Their top sides must be in the same plane, then the quilt must come down without an obstruction onto the window’s sill, so there may be times where you can’t use your quilt.

The installation process for our cellular shades is simple. Each order of our honeycomb shades comes packed with a set of installation instructions. Simply add brackets to the inside of your window’s frame (if it’s an inside mount) then snap your window treatment up and it spruce up your interior’s decor in no time!


When it comes to maintenance, our cellular shades really shine in this category. They are inherently dust resistance and can be washed when needed. In addition to all of these attributes, our shades also come backed by a 7 year warranty which is considered one of the best in the industry.

Window quilts on the other hand can be difficult to maintain. When the quilt goes off of its track or the fabric is stained, it can be time consuming to maintain. If you purchase a quilt that is cotton based, it is also subject to UV damage, which makes it an unattractive option for those who reside in the southern states.

Interior Decor

This another category that cellular shades win hands down. Window quilts are considered an older and outdated window treatment that consumes a significant amount of space.  While they insulate exceptionally well, they get a significant amount of criticism when it comes to the way they look inside of residential homes. When the cotton gets stained, they can be an eyesore and difficult to look at inside of your interior space. Our cellular shades on the other hand have a modern look, and with minimal care look pristine ad amazing for years to come.


While window quilts do an exceptional job at insulating the interior of your home, in all other categories they fall short when compared to our EcoSmart Shades. From installation, maintenance to the decor of your home, our insulating honeycomb shades outperform window quilts. If you’d like to see the colors add fabric for yourself, we recommend that your order free samples. To learn more about why cellular shades outperform window quilts, pick up the phone and give us a call today at  877-338-9392.

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